Zonk out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To zonk out is to fall asleep very quickly, or to pass out* because of exhaustion, alcohol or drugs.

*pass out – become unconscious

Informal English / slang.

Examples of use:

1. After a long walk on the beach, the dog zonked out in his bed.

2. The children ran around in the garden all day, and then zonked out as soon as they went to bed.

3. When he gets home from work he zonks out in front of television.

4. As soon as we arrived home after our camping holiday in the mountains, we zonked out and slept for nine hours.

zonk out
present simple
zonk out and zonks out
-ing form
zonking out
past simple
zonked out
past participle
zonked out

Can you use this phrasal verb in a sentence?

Do you zonk out after a long day at work or college?

Image © Meaghan O’Malley