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To scribble down something (or scribble something down) is to write something very quickly and not very neatly. Examples of use: 1. She scribbled their address down on the top of her notepad. 2. He scribbled down her name and phone number before she got on the bus. 3. I tried to scribble down the […]

To write down something (or write something down)  is to write something on a piece of paper so that you do not forget it. Examples of use: 1. They wrote down everything their teacher said about learning phrasal verbs. 2. I wrote his telephone number down. 3. Can you write down a list of things […]

To copy in somebody (or copy somebody in), is to send someone a copy of an email you are sending to someone else. Examples of use: a) Can you copy me in on your staff emails, please? b) Would you like me to copy you in on all the official correspondence? c) I’ll send a […]