Wriggle out of – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To wriggle out of something is to avoid doing something you should be doing, especially in a dishonest or sneaky way

Examples of use:

1. It’s your turn to clean the car this weekend. Don’t think you can wriggle out of it!

2. You can’t wriggle out of completing your tax form.

3. He was supposed to help with the shopping, but he wriggled out of it.

4. She always manages to wriggle out of working the night shift.

wriggle out of
present simple
wriggle out of and wriggles out of
-ing form
wriggling out of
past simple
wriggled out of
past participle
wriggled out of

Can you write a sentence with the phrasal verb ‘wriggle out of‘?

Have you ever wriggled out of something?

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