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To print out something (or print something out) is to produce a printed copy of something from a computer.   Examples of use: 1. I don’t have any photos of our holiday in Thailand – can you print some out for me? 2. I’ve run out of printer ink and I need to print out my English homework! 3. I must buy some printer paper so that I can print out my … [Read more…]

1. To pack up something (or pack something up) is to collect your things together and put them into bags or boxes so that you can take or send them somewhere. Examples of use: a) We got to the market late – the sellers were packing up their stalls and going home. b) Her husband packed up his possessions and moved out on Saturday. c) On the last day of the … [Read more…]

To skive off (something) is to not go to work or school when you should go. If you skive off lessons or work you do not attend or turn up. Informal UK English. Examples of use: 1. We skived off work and went surfing. 2. She phoned work and told her boss she was ill, but he knew she was skiving off. 3. He always skives off when we have maths at … [Read more…]

To bring forward something (or bring something forward) is to change its date or time so that it happens earlier than planned. Examples of use: a) They have brought their wedding forward to July. b) Next week’s training session has been brought forward to Friday afternoon. c) Can you bring the meeting forward a week? d) They have brought my interview forward to … [Read more…]

To run something by someone is to tell them something so that they can consider it and give their opinion. This phrasal verb can also be run something past someone.   Examples of use: a) Your ideas for the business are very interesting; I’ll run them by my boss. b) I would like to run these plans by our manager. c) The children would love to join your family on … [Read more…]