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To scrape into (or scrape in) is to be accepted somewhere, or to achieve a position, but with a lot of difficulty or by a very small number of points or votes. Examples of use: 1. The marathon runner beat his rival by one second, and scraped into first place. 2. Her exam results were disappointing and she only just scraped into university. 3. I didn’t work very … [Read more…]

To report back is to tell someone (usually someone in authority) some information that you have discovered.   Examples of use: a) Report back to me when you have finished your research. b) Can you attend the meeting and report back to me afterwards, please? c) We will report back with our findings next week. d) The research team will report back with the results of … [Read more…]

To bring forward something (or bring something forward) is to change its date or time so that it happens earlier than planned. Examples of use: a) They have brought their wedding forward to July. b) Next week’s training session has been brought forward to Friday afternoon. c) Can you bring the meeting forward a week? d) They have brought my interview forward to … [Read more…]

1. To burn out is to become extremely tired or ill because of too much work or stress. Examples of use: a) You’ll burn out if you keep working such long hours without a holiday. b) He burned himself out because he worked too hard. c) She had a very stressful job and was burnt out within a year. 2. If a flame or fire burns out it stops burning because there is … [Read more…]

To knuckle down is to start to work or study very hard.   Examples of use: a) You need to knuckle down and finish your homework. b) I haven’t done much revision for my exams – I must knuckle down before it’s too late. c) I’m not very impressed with your work: knuckle down, or you will have to leave the company. d) We all knuckled down and finished the … [Read more…]