What is St. David's Day? – Online English Lessons

March 1, 2011 by Angela

St David’s Day is the national day of Wales.

It’s celebrated on the 1st March by Welsh people all over the world.

St David (Dewi Sant in the Welsh language) is the patron saint of Wales.

He lived in the sixth century and is thought to have died on 1st March 589. He was a Celtic monk and Abbot.

On St David’s Day, people take part in parades, concerts and parties in honour of St David, and to celebrate their Welsh identity and culture.

Some people dress up in Welsh national costume on St David’s Day, and many people wear a daffodil or leek on their lapel. The daffodil and the leek are Welsh national emblems.

The leek has been an emblem of Wales since the middle of the sixteenth century. It is said that St David persuaded Welsh soldiers at the battle of Heathfield to wear leeks in their helmets so they would look different from their enemies, the Saxons.

Legend also says that girls who sleep with a leek under their pillow on St David’s Day will dream of their future husband.

Welsh National Anthem

Image © National Assembly for Wales and Liz West

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