What is an anagram?

moon starer is an anagram of astronomer

An anagram is word or phrase made by rearranging all the letters of another word or phrase.

Anagrams are often used for fun and are used mainly in games and puzzles, especially crosswords.


From Greek, ‘anagrammatizein’ – transpose letters

Here are some simple anagrams:

ape – pea

dairy – diary

eat – tea

skin – sink

wolf – flow

For example:

astronomer – moon starer

conversation – voices rant on

dormitory – dirty room

evangelist – evil’s agent

evil – vile

funeral – real fun

hated – death

listen – silent

the eyes – they see

review – viewer

Do you have a favourite anagram?

I like playing with words like anagrams, and my dad and I very often end our emails to each other with different anagrams of our names! Some of them are quite funny – although I have to say he’s much better at it than I am 🙂

You could try making some anagrams with English words or your name using the Internet Anagram Server. 

Let me know if you make any good words 🙂