Weather | Online English Lessons – Part 3

If it is raining cats and dogs it is raining very heavily. It’s not known where this expression comes from, but it does not mean that cats and dogs are falling from the sky 🙂 Some people think it might be related to the fact that cats and dogs are traditionally thought of as old enemies; and when it’s raining heavily the raindrops are like cats and dogs … [Read more…]

If it pours down it rains very heavily. Examples of use: 1. It poured down on the way to college and I’m soaked. 2. Don’t forget your coat. It’s going to pour down today. 3. It’s pouring down outside. I think I’ll stay indoors.   A downpour (noun) is a very heavy fall of rain. Example of use: It’s rained so much today. We’ve had one … [Read more…]

When the sky becomes covered with clouds it clouds over. Example of use: ‘Let’s go and sit in the garden in the sun before it clouds over.’ Image by Richard0 … [Read more…]