Weather | Online English Lessons – Part 2

A storm in a teacup is a big fuss made about something of little importance. Examples of use: 1. My brother and sister had a big argument about the television yesterday, but it was just a storm in a teacup. 2. News items: a) In a case of a legal storm in a teacup, police forced a stunned magistrate to deal with a man accused of damaging a $3 plastic cup. b) Gordon … [Read more…]

An Indian summer is a period of warm sunny weather in late autumn or early winter in the Northern Hemisphere, usually occurring after a period of cold or frosty weather. An alternative definition is that an Indian summer is a time of great happiness or success that happens late in a person’s life or career. There are various explanations of this idiom’s origin, … [Read more…]

If an outside event or activity is rained off (always passive) it cannot start, or it has to be stopped, because it is raining. British/UK English and Australian English. In American English – rained out.   Examples of use: 1. The tennis match was rained off. 2. The New Year’s Eve firework display was rained off. 3. We planned to have a barbecue in the … [Read more…]

If something blows down, or the wind blows something down, the wind blows it and makes it fall to the ground.   Examples of use: 1. The wind blew the old shed down. 2. There was a storm last night and our fence has blown down. 3. I think that old tree will blow down in the next strong wind.    infinitive blow … [Read more…]

1. When the wind or a breeze blows something away, or blows away something, it moves it to a different place. Examples of use: a) Hold on tight to your balloon or it will blow away. b) Bring your study notes in from the garden. They might blow away in this wind. c) We had a horrible camping holiday. The wind was so strong it blew our tent away. 2. … [Read more…]