Wear off – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

If the effect of something (for example, alcohol, drugs, medicine) or a feeling wears off it gradually fades or goes away.

Examples of use:

1. The dentist gave me an injection to numb the pain but it is wearing off.

2. He’s going to have a massive hangover when all that alcohol wears off.

3. I was so angry with her last week, but it’s wearing off now.

4. They fell in love on holiday but it quickly wore off when they got home!

5. She was very ill after her operation yesterday, but the pain has worn off and she feels much better today.

6. The effects of alcohol take a long time to wear off.

When the surface of something wears off it gradually fades or disappears so that you can see what is beneath the surface.

Examples of use:

1. I thought these earrings were real gold but it soon wore off and now they look cheap.

2. This wall needs repainting: the paint is wearing off.

wear off
present simple
wear off and wears off
-ing form
wearing off
past simple
wore off
past participle
worn off

Can you write a sentence with the phrasal verb ‘wear off‘?

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