Wash up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To wash up something (or wash something up) is to clean the dishes, saucepans and cutlery that you have used for cooking and eating a meal.

British and Australian English.

Examples of use:

a) Can you help me wash up these dishes, please?

b) I love cooking, but I hate washing up all the saucepans afterwards.

2. To wash up is to clean your hands with soap and water.

American English.

Examples of use:

a) Dinner is ready – go and wash up, please.

b) Make sure you wash up before you eat your take-out.

3. Wash up something or wash something up. When something washes up it is carried to land by the sea or a river, and left there. 

International English.

Examples of use:

1. The old boat washed up on the beach in the storm.

2. The sea washes up old fishing nets in the winter.

3. A whale carcass washed up on the beach last week.

wash up
present simple
wash up and washes up
-ing form
washing up
past simple
washed up
past participle
washed up

Can you write a sentence with the phrasal verb wash up?

Have you ever found something washed up on a beach?

Image by Roger H. Goun  and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.