Vocabulary | Online English Lessons – Part 2

To be as cunning as a fox means to be very clever at getting what you want, especially by tricking someone. Foxes have a reputation for being cunning. Examples of use: 1. The police haven’t caught the burglar yet. He’s as cunning as a fox. 2. You can’t fool Jack. He’s as cunning as a fox. 3. Don’t trust her with your savings. She’s as cunning … [Read more…]

To eat humble pie means to apologize humbly or to submit to humiliation. ‘Humble pie’ was made from the offal (or humbles) of a deer killed in a hunt. This food would be eaten by those of a lower rank in a household.   Example of use: After showing off to his friends while driving his mother’s car too fast, he had to eat humble pie when he … [Read more…]

Gamp is a colloquial word for an umbrella (in British English). The word comes from a character called Sarah Gamp in Charles Dickens’ novel Martin Chuzzlewit (1843-4). Sarah Gamp always carried a big umbrella. It’s an interesting word, but not one you will hear used very often. Charles Dickens was an English author who lived from 1812 to 1870. His books are famous for … [Read more…]