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Websites with resources and information about Life in the United Kingdom and UK Citizenship

Life in the United Kingdom – Official Publications– for tests taken on or after 25th March 2013. Essential reading for those taking the Citizenship Test to qualify for British citizenship or settlement, or those wanting to apply for British citizenship or settlement.

Life in the United Kingdom: Official Handbook – for tests taken before 25th March 2013.

Citizenship Foundation – lots of very useful information on all aspects of citizenship. From the site: “We want a fair, inclusive and cohesive society. We want a democracy in which people have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take part and drive change as effective citizens, both as individuals and as communities.”

Citizenship Materials for ESOL Learners – The UK Citizenship curriculum – resources and materials to help teachers support learners’ knowledge of life in the UK plus applications for UK citizenship, and to develop the English language skills of learners at levels Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3.

UK Citizenship Language Learning Videos – 73 videos from in which individuals were interviewed and asked to talk about their job roles and what citizenship meant to them. Suitable for learners from beginners to intermediate level.

Life in the UK practice test – from Cambridge ESOL

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