Turn up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lesssons

1. When you turn up a machine or electrical device you change the controls so that it is producing more of something, for example sound or heat.

Examples of use:

a) Can you turn the television up, please? I can’t hear it.

b) The oven isn’t hot enough. You need to turn it up.

c) It’s freezing in here. I’ll turn up the heating.

2. When somebody, or something, turns up at a place they arrive there.

Examples of use:

a) I’ve invited twenty people to my party but I don’t know if they will all turn up.

b) I hope the taxi turns up soon.

3. When something, or someone, turns up they appear unexpectedly, especially if they were lost.

Example of use:

a) My neighbour’s dog ran away last week, and this morning it turned up on her doorstep.

b) I thought I’d lost my English dictionary at college but it turned up at the Reception Desk.

4. Turn up also means to find something, or to learn something about it, by investigating or by searching.

Examples of use:

a) The police have been looking for clues all day. What have they turned up?

b) Did your research into climate change turn up anything interesting?

turn up
present simple
turn up and turns up
-ing form
turning up
past simple
turned up
past participle
turned up

Image by Martin Kingsley