Turn down – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To turn down somebody or something (or turn somebody or something down) is to refuse an offer or request

Examples of use:

a) He asked her to marry him, but she turned him down.

b) They turned down our invitation to the party.

c) She was offered a job in Chicago, but she turned it down.

d) News item: NBA players turn down latest contract offer from owners.

e) She asked him out on a date, but he turned her down.

f) We would like to help him with his money problems, but he always turns down our offers of help.

g) The bank turned down his application for a loan.

2. To turn down something (or turn something down) is to reduce the amount of sound or heat that is produced by a device (e.g. an oven, a television, a radio) by moving a switch or a button.

Turn up is the opposite of turn down.

Examples of use:

a) Could you turn the television down, please? I’m trying to read.

b) It’s so hot in here!

    I’ll turn the heating down.

c) Your music is too loud. Can you turn it down?

d) The lights in the theatre were turned down low.

turn down
present simple
turn down and turns down
-ing form
turning down
past simple
turned down
past participle
turned down

Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

Have you turned down a job offer, or something else?

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