Turn away : English Phrasal Verb : Online English Lessons

To turn away someone (or turn someone away) means to not let them to enter a place.

Examples of use:
1. We were turned away from the bus because it was full.

2. Paul was turned away from the restaurant because he wasn’t wearing a tie.

3. The shelter for the homeless never turns anyone away.

4. According the Telegraph, hospitals could be forced to turn away critically ill patients if a flu pandemic reaches Britain.

To turn away from someone is to move your face or body so that you are not looking at them.

Examples of use:
1. People turned away from the street beggar.

If you turn away from something you reject it.

Example of use:
1. According to some reports, many people today are turning away from God.

infinitive – turn away

present simple – turn away and turns away

-ing form – turning away

past simple – turned away

past participle – turned away