Touch down – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

When an aircraft or spacecraft touches down it reaches the ground when landing.

Example of use:
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Your flight will touch down in 10 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts.

touchdown (noun) is the moment an aircraft or spacecraft makes contact with the ground when it lands.

Example of use:
Touchdown will be at seventeen hundred hours.

In rugby, to touch down is to score by putting the rugby ball on the ground behind the other team’s goal line.

Example of use:
The rugby player ran past his opponents and touched down in the left corner.

In rugby, a touchdown (noun) is the act of placing the ball on the ground.

Example of use:
He scored four touchdowns.

In American football, a touchdown (noun) is the act of receiving or having possession of the ball across the opponents’ goal line.

infinitive – touch down

present simple – touch down and touches down

-ing form – touching down

past simple – touched down

past participle – touched down

Image by David Kusserow