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November 11, 2012 by Angela Boothroyd

Do you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share things you find on the internet.

Amongst other things, I use it to collect and organize useful language resources.

Pinterest can be a very good tool for language learners. For example, you can set up boards for your favourite language websites, lessons and resources – you could have a Grammar board for saving grammar tips and lessons; or an IELTS board for collecting IELTS exam hints and tips.

Can you think of any other ways you could use Pinterest to help with learning English?

Top 20 Language Boards on Pinterest

I’ve made a list of twenty of my favourite language-related Pinterest boards for learners, teachers and logophiles (and there are a few extras in there as well, including some of my own language boards ).

Learning English

ELS Universal English College has a Learning English board for “tips, advice, apps, websites and more that all help you with your English study.”

♦ My Learning English board also has websites and resources to help with learning English.

♦ The student-curated TOEFL board has a variety of TOEFL-specific resources for self-study. TOEFL Study Resources also has several more student-curated TOEFL-specific boards including Grammar, Listening, Writing, and Reading.

Judy Deepe‘s Vocabulary/Grammar board has a mix of sites, resources and activities that are useful for both teachers and learners.

♦ Judy also has a huge collection of resources on her SLP Vocabulary board.

♦ RaRa Ka from Finland has a wonderful board of images for writing prompts – Photos for Storytelling, Discussion, Writing Assignments.

Teaching English

♦ Roselink has a board of teachers blogs and websites called EFL/ESL Blogs and Sites Worth Following.

♦ There are ESOL Teaching Ideas on Joey Rhodair’s board.

♦ And TESOL and music educator Beth Crumpler’s ESL board is “all things ESL for educators”.

♦ Judy Deepe has a good collection of image prompts for discussing figurative language.

♦ and here’s my Teaching English board

English Language

♦ Cheryl Hudson’s English Language board has a great mix of English-related pins.

♦ And my English language board also has an eclectic mix of things I find interesting about the English language.

Language and Linguistics

♦ Stephanie Woodburn Melton has a wonderful collection of Language Samples – videos, audio, manuscripts, text extracts etc. of a wide variety of languages including Middle English, Cherokee, Latin, German idioms, original Shakespeare pronunciation, Appalachian English, and many more.

♦ Stephanie also has a great Linguistics board with facts, history and usage.

♦ For interesting and varied Languages and Linguistics pins see Shalee Moore’s board.

♦ Linguist and web geek Valissa has a big collection of “visual stuff for word nerds” on her Linguistics board.

♦ I love Ai Ling’s wonderful collection of alphabets, syllabaries, pictograms, hieroglyphs, and ideograms etc. on her Alphabets et al board. Ai Ling also has a fascinating Symbologies & Esoterica board.

♦Sara Couture has several excellent linguist boards including I Be Linguist, I Be Linguist: Babel and I be Linguist: Alphabets, Hieroglyphs, and Syllabaries.

♦ and I have my own Language board here.

German Language

♦ Here’s a collection of very useful German language resources from German language teacher, Angelika Davey.


♦ Ai Ling is collecting examples of humorous signs on the Sign Language board

♦ and English teacher Angela White is collecting funny English language quotes, puns and images on her English Teacher Humor board.

Do you follow or curate any interesting language-related boards on Pinterest? Please share them here as I would love to see them.

Do you have a favourite board that’s not language-related? Please share that here too

Images © David M. Goehring and Aaron Parecki and BazzaDaRambler

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