Time | Online English Lessons

The English language has many idioms relating to time: here are twelve of the most common expressions. ♦ to be behind the times – to be behind the times is to be out-of-date and old fashioned; to have old fashioned ideas. Example: My grandparents are a little behind the times.   ♦ to keep up […]

1. To run out of something is to use all of it so that there is nothing left. Examples of use: a) I’ve run out of bread. b) We can’t have coffee this morning because we’ve run out of milk. c) I ran out of petrol on my way to work this morning. d) News […]

A day’s grace is time left or extra time allowed before something happens, or before something must be done. Grace days or grace period refers to a longer period of time such as a month, a few weeks or a year. Examples of use: 1. His bank manager has given him a day’s grace to […]