Thin down – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

March 14, 2012 By Angela Boothroyd

1. To thin down something (or thin something down) is to make something less thick by adding water or another liquid to it (to dilute it).

Examples of use:

a) This soup is too thick. You need to thin it down with a little water.

b) He thinned down the sauce with some vegetable stock.

c) You can’t thin down oil-based paint with water.

You can say thin (verb) instead of thin down.


You can’t thin oil-based paint with water.

2. To thin down is to become less fat.

Informal English.

Example of use:

He has really thinned down since we last saw him

Thin down is the same as slim down.

thin down
present simple
thin down and thins down
-ing form
thinning down
past simple
thinned down
past participle
thinned down

Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

Do you know someone who has thinned down?

Image © Paul Hart