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1.To hand down something (or hand something down) is to give or teach something to someone who is younger than you: someone who will be alive after you have died. Examples of use: a) This violin has been handed down from my great grandmother and my grandmother. b) My Christmas pudding recipe was handed down to me by my grandmother. c) I am going to hand my book … [Read more…]

To hand out something (or hand something out) is to give something to each person in a group of people. Give out is similar to hand out. Examples of use: 1. He handed the toys out to the children. 2. The teacher handed the homework sheets out to the students. 3. Emergency food parcels were handed out to the earthquake victims. 4. It’s my job to hand out the … [Read more…]

To huddle up is to move closer to other people, or to keep your arms and legs very close to your body, usually because you are cold or frightened Examples of use: 1. Our hotel room was freezing so we huddled up in front of the fire. 2. Lost in the snow storm, they huddled up in their tent for warmth. 3. When the police opened the back of the truck, they found five … [Read more…]

To keep your chin up is to stay positive and cheerful in difficult circumstances. Keep your chin up is something you say to somone to try and cheer them up, and help them stay positive in difficult circumstances. This expression is often shortened to chin up. Examples of use: 1. Keep your chin up: your exam results might not be as bad as you think. 2. Come on, chin … [Read more…]

To knuckle down is to start to work or study very hard.   Examples of use: a) You need to knuckle down and finish your homework. b) I haven’t done much revision for my exams – I must knuckle down before it’s too late. c) I’m not very impressed with your work: knuckle down, or you will have to leave the company. d) We all knuckled down and finished the … [Read more…]