Take to – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To take to somebody, or something, is to start to like them.

Examples of use:

1. He didn’t like her when he they first met, but he took to her after their second meeting.

2. She took to him immediately.

3. Edinburgh is a wonderful city. Visitors can’t help taking to its culture, history and people.

To take to something, or take to doing something is to start doing something often

Examples of use:

1. He wants to get fit so he’s taken to running a mile every day.

2. I’ve taken to spending a lot of time in the garden at weekends. It’s very relaxing.

3. Our neighbours are all taking to growing their own vegetables.

infinitive – take to

present simple – take to and takes to

-ing form – taking to

past simple – took to

past participle – taken to

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