Take over – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To take over something (or take something over) is to start doing something that someone else was responsible for before you.

Examples of use:

a) Isaac is taking over the business from his father.

b) My daughter is going to take over the business accounts.

c) She took over as manager when Mr Hunt retired.

d) We took over the running of our parent’s farm.

2. If someone gets control of a place by force, they take it over.

Example of use:

a) The capital was taken over by rebel troops.

3. To take over a business or company is to get control of it by buying most of its shares.

Example of use:

a) The company was taken over by one of its rivals.

4. To take over is to become dominant

Examples of use:

a) My garden has been taken over by long grass and weeds.

b) My parents are taking over my life!

c) My English language studies have taken over my life 😉

infinitive take over
present simple take over and takes over
-ing form taking over
past simple took over
past participle taken over

Can you use the phrasal verb ‘take over’ in a sentence?

Has anything taken over your life?

Have you taken something over from someone else?

Image © Eliza Peyton