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July 7, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

1. To stow away is to hide on a ship, aircraft, truck, train or other vehicle, in order to escape from a place undetected, or to travel without paying.

Examples of use:

a) They stowed away on a boat to China.

b) He stowed away on the ferry and entered the country illegally.

c) They tried to stow away on a cargo ship from Nigeria.

d) They paid $500 to stow away in the back of a truck travelling from Paris to London.

A stowaway (noun) is somebody who stows away, especially on a ship.

Examples of use:

a) News headline:Stowaway monkey on container ship bound for Felikstowe

b) They found the stowaway behind some boxes.

2. To stow away something (or stow something away) is to store it neatly and tidily, especially out of sight.

Examples of use:

a) She stowed her jewellery away in a box in the cupboard.

b) He stowed his skis away in the garage.

stow away
present simple
stow away and stows away
-ing form
stowing away
past simple
stowed away
past participle
stowed away

Can you write a sentence using stow away?

Have you read about stowaways in the newspapers?

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