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April 30, 2013 by Angela Boothroyd

1. To stick with something is to not change it.

If you stick with something you continue to do it or use it, and you don’t change to something different.

Informal English.

Examples of use:

a) Purple hair looks great on you but I think I’ll stick with my brown hair!

b) I’d love a new car, but I’ll have to stick with my old one for another year.

c) He was offered a job as an actor in California but he stuck with his career as a singer in a band in the UK.

d) What’s all the fuss about ebooks? I’m sticking with my paper books!

e) News headline (Fox News): President Obama must stick with his vow to take action.

f) News item: Why should Nokia stick with Windows 8?

2. To stick with something (or stick with it) is to continue doing something even though it’s difficult.

Informal English.

Examples of use.

a) Well done for sticking with your new diet. You look fantastic!

b) I stuck with my exercise regime and now I feel much healthier.

c) News headline (Reuters): Germany vows to stick with austerity.

d) News headline (New Statesman): Goldman Sachs’ boss says we must stick with austerity.

e) Learning English can be difficult but if you stick with it you’ll soon improve your English skills.

f) Finishing my degree was hard work but I stuck with it.

3. If something sticks with you, you don’t forget it.

Informal English.

Example of use:

The memory of that terrible night has stuck with me for ten years.

4. To stick with somebody is to stay close to them.

Informal English.

Example of use:

Stick with me. I’ll get us out of here.

infinitive stick with
present simple stick with and sticks with
-ing form sticking with
past simple stuck with
past participle stuck with

What have you stuck with?

Have you had a job or course you didn’t like, but you stuck with it anyway?

Practise your English and write a sentence using ‘stick with’.

You’re welcome to send your sentences to me, or share them in the comments

Image by Kevin Dooley under Creative Commons license

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