Stand out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

If someone or something stands out they are easy to see because they look different or behave differently from other things or people.

Examples of use:

1. His van is painted yellow with green stripes. It really stands out on the road!

2. They dye their hair green because they like being different and standing out in a crowd.

3. A LeFlore High School student stands out because he wears a suit and tie to school every day.

To stand out is to be much better than other people or things in a similar situation.

Example of use:

1. Her paintings stand out from all the others in the exhibition.

2. There were many good actors in last night’s show, but two really stood out.

outstanding (adjective) – excellent, or very distinctive

Example of use:

Akos’ English essay was outstanding.

stand out
present simple
stand out and stands out
-ing form
standing out
past simple
stood out
past participle
stood out

Can you think of any ways to use the phrasal verb ‘stand out‘ in a sentence?

Do you know anyone who stands out in a crowd?

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