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To limber up is to do some gentle exercises in order to stretch your muscles and prepare your body for taking part in a sport or other serious physical activity.   Examples of use: 1. Remember to limber up before the race. 2. I injured my back when I was limbering up for the marathon. […]

A good sport is someone who accepts in good spirit or good humour, being beaten at something: someone who loses gracefully. A good sport can also be someone who does not mind being laughed at when a joke or trick is played on them: someone who has a good sense of humour. Examples of use: […]

To team up is to join another person, or group, in order to do something together. Examples of use: a) News headline: Banks team up for online payment system. b) The businesses teamed up to provide day care for their workers’ children. c) We teamed up for the new project. d) Can we team up […]