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To blurt out something (or blurt something out) is to say something suddenly and impulsively, especially because you are nervous or excited. Examples of use: 1. She suddenly turned round and blurted out, “I love you!”. 2. As she was getting into the taxi he blurted out, “I’m your real father”. 3. He couldn’t help blurting out his true … [Read more…]

Films (or movies) in English are a good source of authentic and varied English language use, and can be a motivating and enjoyable way to practise and develop your English language skills. Peter Song, co-founder of AppsAsia, has written a guest post for me about the iPhone app SpeedUpTV. SpeedUpTV lets you view videos and slow them down so you can listen … [Read more…]

To harp on about something is to talk repeatedly or continually about something in a way that other people find boring. Examples of use: 1. I wish you would stop harping on about your promotion! 2. I hope your father doesn’t harp on about his collection of WW2 memorabilia this evening. 3. She made a mistake with the accounts at work, and her manager has been … [Read more…]

1. To chip in something is to give an amount of money to help pay for something. Informal English. Examples of use: a. We are buying mum and dad an anniversary present. Would you like to chip in? b. We all chipped in and paid for David and Martina’s honeymoon. c. Everyone in the office is chipping in for Pierre’s leaving present. d. Newspaper headline: Public … [Read more…]

To butt in is to interrupt someone who is talking. Examples of use: 1. We tried to talk to Natalie at Sam’s party, but Peter kept butting in. 2. Arthur is so annoying. He always butts in when people are talking. 3. Don’t butt in while your father is talking to you! 4. He started to tell her about his day, but she butted in and talked about hers … [Read more…]