Smarten up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. If you smarten up somebody or something (or smarten somebody or something up) you make them / it  look tidier, or more attractive, or cleaner.

Mainly UK English

Examples of use:

a) You must smarten up for your job interview.

b) They’ve smartened up our local restaurant with new tables and chairs, and new carpets.

c) Our house needs smartening up – it hasn’t been painted for over 10 years.

d) My mother is coming to stay next week so we have smartened the spare bedroom up.

e) Your shop looks dull and boring, you must smarten it up if you want more customers.

2. To smarten up is to improve the way you do things, or to improve your attitude or behaviour.

Mainly American English. Informal.

Examples of use:

a) Your wife will leave you if you don’t smarten up.

b) He was late for work every day for two weeks. His boss told him to smarten up or leave the company.

smarten up
present simple
smarten up and smartens up
-ing form
smartening up
past simple
smartened up
past participle
smartened up

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