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1. To sign up is to agree to do something, or to take part in something, by signing one’s name.

Examples of use:

a) I’ve signed up for an English language course.

b) He needs a new job so he has signed up with an employment agency.

c) Thousands of people signed up to take part in the London Marathon.

d) My mother has signed up as a volunteer for Oxfam.

2. To sign up for something, is to subscribe.

Example of use:

Sign up for my English newsletter

3. To sign up somebody (or sign somebody up) is to hire them to work for you, or to put their name on a list to receive a service from you, or to become a member of something.

Examples of use:

a) Manchester United have signed up a new player.

b) We are thinking about signing up a new office manager.

c) The mobile phone company are signing up many new customers for their new service.

sign up
present simple
sign up and signs up
-ing form
signing up
past simple
signed up
past participle
signed up

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