Show off – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To show off is to try and make people notice and admire you in a way which is annoying.

Examples of use:

a) Stop showing off!

b) He’s always showing off in the classroom and getting into trouble.

2. To show off somebody or something (or show somebody or something off) is to display it proudly.

Examples of use:

a) John showed off his new toy to his grandparents.

b) We were invited to their house just so they could show off their valuable paintings.

c) She showed off her new pearl necklace to her work colleagues.

d) Oh no! Here comes our neighbour showing off his new car.

show-off (noun) – somebody who shows off

show off
present simple
show off and shows off
-ing form
showing off
past simple
showed off
past participle
shown off

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