Sell out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To sell out of something is to sell all of it and have no more left for people to buy.

Examples of use:

1. Their designer shoes are beautiful, but they have sold out in my size.

2. We’re selling out of iPhones very  fast. We must order some more.

3. I’m sorry. We have sold out of tickets for the show.

4. He sells out of his homemade cakes every day.

When all the tickets to a play, film, concert, or other public performance have been sold the event is sold-out (adjective)

Example of use:

We tried to buy tickets for their concert but it’s sold-out.

sell-out (noun) – when all the tickets to an event have been sold it is a sell-out.

Example of use:

Take That start their sell-out tour on Monday.

When all the items for sale in a shop have been sold they are sold-out (adjective)

Example of use:

Q. Could I buy one of your chocolate cakes, please?

A. I’m sorry. They are all sold-out.

infinitive sell out
present simple sell out and sells out
-ing form selling out
past simple sold out
past participle sold out

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