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September 7, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

To scrape into (or scrape in) is to be accepted somewhere, or to achieve a position, but with a lot of difficulty or by a very small number of points or votes.

Examples of use:

1. The marathon runner beat his rival by one second, and scraped into first place.

2. Her exam results were disappointing and she only just scraped into university.

3. I didn’t work very hard at school, but I managed to pass some of my exams and scrape into college.

4.  News headline: India scrape into World Cup final.

5. If we try hard, we might get enough points and scrape into the basketball semi-finals.

6. Voters are waiting to see which political party will scrape into power.

scrape in / into
present simple
scrape in / into or scrapes in / into
-ing form
scraping in / into
past simple
scraped in / into
past participle
scraped in / into

Can you use this phrasal verb in a sentence?

Do you know someone who scraped into college or university?

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