Sailing | Online English Lessons

1. If a boat keels over, it turns upside down or onto its side in the water. Examples of use: Their boat keeled over in the strong winds. 2. To keel over is to collapse or fall over. Examples of use: a) He drank eight bottles of beer in one hour, and keeled over on […]

To cast away someone (or cast someone away) is to leave someone alone somewhere (e.g. a desert island)  as a result of a storm or shipwreck. This phrasal verb is usually used in the passive. To be cast away is to be left alone on a remote island after a shipwreck or other accident at […]

1. To stow away is to hide on a ship, aircraft, truck, train or other vehicle, in order to escape from a place undetected, or to travel without paying. Examples of use: a) They stowed away on a boat to China. b) He stowed away on the ferry and entered the country illegally. c) They […]