Saddle up – English Phrasal Verb – Onlne English Lessons

To saddle up something (or saddle something up) is to put a saddle on a horse.

Examples of use:

1. She saddled up her horse and set off across the fields.

2. Can you saddle up my horse, please?

3. He saddled up his horse and rode off into the sunset.

4. Shall we saddle up the horses and go for a ride on the beach?

5. She’s learning how to saddle up her pony.

6. News headline from a news item about a team of Palestinian horse riders who are hoping to form the first female national team (BBC News): Palestinian women saddle up.

Saddle up means the same as saddle.


She saddled her horse and set off across the fields.

saddle up
present simple
saddle up and saddles up
-ing form
saddling up
past simple
saddled up
past participle
saddled up

Do you go horse riding? Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

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