Run around – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

When you run around a place you run from one part of that place to another.

Examples of use:
1. The children were running around the garden and having a lovely time.

2. The dogs ran around the beach chasing gulls.

3. I got up late this morning and I had to run around the house to find my study books and my wallet.

4. They ran around the park looking for their lost dog.

the runaround (noun, informal) – if somebody gives you the runaround they delay helping you or being honest with you, especially in response to a request for help or honesty.

Examples of use:
1. I telephoned the train company to complain about their late trains, but they just gave me the runaround and refused to answer my questions

2. Will you stop giving me the runaround and tell me where you were last night?

infinitive – run around

present simple – run around and runs around

-ing form – running around

past simple – ran around

past participle – run around

Image by Jesse Yardley