Round up – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To round up somebody or something (or round somebody or something up) is to find and gather together a group of animals or people.

Examples of use:

a) He uses a dog to help him round up the sheep.

b) We need to round the cows up for milking.

c) We’re late for school. Can you round the children up for me, please?

d) Round the team up for a meeting in my office in ten minutes.

2. To round up something (or round something up) is to increase a number to the nearest whole number, or to the nearest number ending in zero.

Example of use:

Here’s the money I owe you: I’ve rounded it up to £12.

round up
present simple
round up and rounds up
-ing form
rounding up
past simple
rounded up
past participle

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Image © Paul Wordingham