Puzzle out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

To puzzle out something (puzzle something out) is to find the solution to a difficult or confusing problem by thinking carefully about it.

Examples of use:

1. We have an accountant to help us puzzle out the new tax laws.

2. I still can’t puzzle out how you managed to spend all your wages in one week.

3. She has puzzled out who sent her that huge bouquet of red roses on her birthday – it was Richard!

4. The police tried to puzzle out the identity of the injured man.

5. It took us a long time to puzzle out the mystery of the missing birthday cake. Our neighbour’s dog stole it!

puzzle out
present simple
puzzle out and puzzles out
-ing form
puzzling out
past simple
puzzled out
past participle
puzzled out

Practise your English and write your own sentence using this phrasal verb

What problem or mystery have you puzzled out?

Image © Bruce Guenter