Put down – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. When you put down something (or put something down) you put something that you are holding or carrying on a horizontal surface.

Examples of use:

a) Put your suitcases down over there.

b) These books are heavy. Can I put them down on your desk?

2. To put down somebody (or put somebody down) is to criticize them and make them feel stupid or humiliated.

Examples of use:

a) Why do you put me down all the time?!

b) My boss always puts everyone down at work.

c) She puts her husband down in front of the children.

A put-down (noun) is an unkind remark or insult.

3. To put down an aircraft is to make an aircraft land.

Example of use:

The pilot put down the aircraft with great skill.

To put down in an aircraft is to land in an aircraft.

Example of use:

We put down in Chicago.

4. To put down a sick or injured animal is to humanely and painlessly kill it.

Example of use:

Our old dog was suffering so the vet put him down.

5. To put down a deposit is to pay a small amount of money for something to keep it available for you to buy before you pay the full amount.

Example of use:

We found the perfect oven for our new kitchen yesterday. We put down a deposit and we’re going to collect it tomorrow.

6. To put down something is to write it on a list.

Example of use:

What shall I put down on this week’s shopping list?

7. To put someone down for something is to put their name on a list in order to assign them a task or an assignment.

Example of use:

I’m making a list of people who will help us clear the litter off the beach at the weekend. Can I put you down?

Yes, OK. Put me down for Saturday afternoon.

put down
present simple
put down and puts down
-ing form
putting down
past simple
put down
past participle
put down

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