Put back : English Phrasal Verb : Online English Lessons

If you put your clock or watch back you change the time to an earlier time.

Examples of use:
1. The clock was ten minutes fast so I’ve put it back to the correct time.

2. In 2010, in the UK, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) starts on Sunday 31st October, so don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour.

To put back something (or put something back) also means to change the date or time of something so that it happens later than originally planned; for example, a meeting.

Example of use:
The groom’s brother is abroad on business in February so the date of Marcia and David’s wedding has been put back to March.

If you put back something (or put something back) you place it in its original position.

Example of use:
Don’t forget to put the butter back in the fridge when you’ve finished with it.

infinitive – put back

present simple – put back and puts back

-ing form – putting back

past simple – put back

past participle – put back

Image by Alan Cleaver