Pour out – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To pour out something (or pour something out) means to fill a container with a liquid; for example, fill a glass with water or wine, or a cup with milk.

Example of use:

The waiter poured out a glass of champagne for everyone.

2. This phrasal verb also has other meanings. It can mean to leave somewhere in large numbers.

Example of use:

As soon as the final whistle goes the football fans pour out of the stadium.

3. We also use it when we talk openly and freely about our thoughts and feelings.

If you pour out your feelings to someone you tell them everything about how you are feeling.

Example of use:

My friend has recently divorced her husband, and yesterday she poured out her feelings to me.

pour out
present simple
pour out and pours out
-ing form
pouring out
past simple
poured out
past particple
poured out

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