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May 31, 2012 By Angela Boothroyd

To post up something (or post something up) is to put something (for example, a notice) on a wall, notice-board, website etc so that people can see it.

Examples of use:

1. The announcement was posted up on the notice-board.

2. The notice was posted up all over the town.

3. Your exam results will be posted up in the main hall at 9am.

4. I will post the list of prize winners up on the notice-board.

5. We’ll be posting up some cool skateboarding videos on our website tomorrow.

6. She posted her holiday photos up on Facebook.

The phrasal verb post up is the same as the verb to ‘post‘.

For example:

‘Your exam results will be posted up in the main hall at 9am’ can also be written or said as ‘Your exam results will be posted in the main hall at 9am’.

infinitive post up
present simple post up and posts up
-ing form posting up
past simple posted up
past participle posted up

Can you write a sentence using this phrasal verb?

Image © Elliott Brown