Phrasal Verbs | Online English Lessons

1. To make over something or somebody (or make something or somebody over) is to give them a different or improved appearance. If a person is made over they are given a new hairstyle and new clothes and makeup, usually by a professional stylist. If a building or room, or a piece of furniture, is made over it is given a new and better appearance, and maybe a new … [Read more…]

1. In autumn or winter, when it gets dark earlier and the days are shorter, it’s common to hear people comment that “the nights are drawing in”. When the days, evenings or nights draw in, it gets dark earlier in the day. Examples of use: a) The evenings are really drawing in now. b) The leaves are changing colour, the nights are drawing in, winter is … [Read more…]

To puzzle out something (puzzle something out) is to find the solution to a difficult or confusing problem by thinking carefully about it.   Examples of use: 1. We have an accountant to help us puzzle out the new tax laws. 2. I still can’t puzzle out how you managed to spend all your wages in one week. 3. She has puzzled out who sent her that huge … [Read more…]

When two or more people hit it off, they like each other and quickly become good friends. Examples of use: 1. The girls met on holiday and hit it off immediately. 2. We didn’t hit it off when we first met, but we became good friends later. 3. My husband and I hit it off the first time we met – we liked the same things and shared the same beliefs. 4. … [Read more…]

To brick up something (or brick something up) is to fill a space (e.g. a window, doorway or fireplace) with bricks. Also wall up.   Examples of use: 1. The windows were bricked up in 2002. 2. We going to brick up our fireplace and buy an electric heater. 3. The workmen are bricking up the windows and doors on the old house to stop squatters getting in. … [Read more…]