Phrasal Verb: warm to – Online English Lessons

She immediately warmed to her new neighbour.
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To warm to somebody is to start to like or feel affection for someone.

To warm to something is to become enthusiastic about or interested in something.

For example:

If you warm to an idea you start to become interested in or enthusiastic about it.

Examples of use:

1. My mother didn’t like my boyfriend when they first met, but she’s warming to him now.

2. We’re warming to the idea of relocating our business to Italy.

3. I think it will take him a long time to warm to the idea.

4. I warmed to my new neighbours immediately.

5. I was afraid of my new boss when I first started work, but I soon warmed to him when I got to know him better.

News headlines using ‘warm to’

US Money Managers Warm to Overseas Stocks (Wall Street Journal)

China yet to warm to curbs on coal (The Australian)

Can you think of something or someone you gradually warmed to?