Phrasal verb: throw together

I threw a quick salad together.

1. To throw together something, or throw something together, is to prepare or create it without much planning and with whatever is available at the time.

Examples of use:

a) I haven’t been shopping this week. I’ll have to throw something together for dinner again.

b) It was late when she got home from work so she threw a quick salad together and then went to bed.

c) The night before the school play Maria’s mum threw together a bird costume for her.

2. If people are thrown together they are brought together, or spend time together, in an unexpected way.

Examples of use:

a) Amy and Gillian were thrown together at a conference when they had to share a hotel room: three months later they started a successful marketing business together.

b) The boy band on X Factor was thrown together at the last minute.

If you had to throw a meal together in a hurry, what would you make?

photo credit: via photopin cc