Phrasal Verb | Online English Lessons – Part 2

To grass on somebody, or grass up somebody (or grass somebody up) is to tell someone in authority, especially the police, about something bad that somebody has done. Informal British / UK English. grass (verb) to tell the police about something that somebody has done wrong. grass (noun) a police informer. British/UK English. Examples of use: 1. She grassed … [Read more…]

To grass over something (or grass something over) is to plant grass over an area of ground.   Examples of use: 1. I think we should grass over the patio. 2. They are grassing over the car park. 3. The old building site was grassed over and a children’s playground built on the land.   infinitive grass … [Read more…]

To give it up for someone is to applaud them. Originally American English.   Examples of use: 1. Please give it up for the extraordinary Mr David Bowie! 2. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for our special guest. 3. As the 2012 Olympics approaches, we give it up for the unpaid volunteers who will help make the games a … [Read more…]

1. If time slips away it seems to pass quickly. Examples: a) Time seems to slip away when you’re old. b) You need to post your job application soon. Time is slipping away. c) The weekend slipped away and soon it was Monday and time for work again.   2. If an opportunity or the possibility of winning or succeeding at something slips away, it disappears … [Read more…]

To post up something (or post something up) is to put something (for example, a notice) on a wall, notice-board, website etc so that people can see it. Examples of use: 1. The announcement was posted up on the notice-board. 2. The notice was posted up all over the town. 3. Your exam results will be posted up in the main hall at 9am. 4. I will post the list of … [Read more…]