People and relationships | Online English Lessons

Phrasal verbs ask out – to ask somebody out (or ask out somebody) is to ask them to go on a date with you, as a way of starting a romantic relationship with them. Example: He is too scared to ask her out.   blurt out – to blurt out something (or blurt something out) […]

To marry into something (e.g. a family, culture, religion or group) is to become a member of something by marrying someone who already belongs to it. Examples of use: 1. He married into a very wealthy family. 2. She is marrying into the British royal family. 3. He married into a prominent Chinese family living […]

When two or more people hit it off, they like each other and quickly become good friends. Examples of use: 1. The girls met on holiday and hit it off immediately. 2. We didn’t hit it off when we first met, but we became good friends later. 3. My husband and I hit it off […]