– Part 3

1. To round up somebody or something (or round somebody or something up) is to find and gather together a group of animals or people. Examples of use: a) He uses a dog to help him round up the sheep. b) We need to round the cows up for milking. c) We’re late for school. […]

What is a synonym? Synonyms are words or expressions of the same language that have the same, or almost the same, meaning.   Examples of synonyms Verbs ‘laugh’ and ‘chuckle’ and ‘giggle’ ‘injure’ and ‘harm’ and ‘hurt’   Nouns ‘litter’ and ‘rubbish’ ‘answer’ and ‘reply’ and ‘response’ ‘insanity’ and ‘madness’ and ‘mental illness’   Adjectives […]

1. If something is playing up, it’s not working as it should. Examples of use: a) Can you give me a lift to work tomorrow? My car is playing up. b) I won’t be able to play tennis this afternoon; my arm has been playing up all week. c) My television is playing up. The […]