– Part 2

To stop over is to stop at a place and stay there for one or two days when you are on a journey to somewhere else. American English: lay over has the same meaning as stop over. I would be interested to know if speakers of American English also use ‘stop over’ – do you […]

1. To stick with something is to not change it. If you stick with something you continue to do it or use it, and you don’t change to something different. Informal English. Examples of use: a) Purple hair looks great on you but I think I’ll stick with my brown hair! b) I’d love a […]

To splash out is to spend a lot of money on something, especially something that you don’t really need. Mainly informal UK English. Often followed by ‘on’.   Examples of use: 1. My neighbours have splashed out on a new swimming pool. 2. After they won the lottery, they splashed out on gold jewellery, designer […]