Normal service is resumed :-)

After an unexpected break from my blog because of illness in my family, I am happy to say that I am now able to return to adding new content here regularly.

We also have big plans underway for a new web site and community for English language learners, and we are updating all our English language courses with the latest software.

I will begin launching the new courses at the beginning of 2011 but, in the meantime, there will be plenty to read on this site of course, and I expect the new web site and blog to be ready in approximately four weeks. Here’s a summary of some of the things you will be able to do on the new site over the coming months:

  • read news, blog posts and longer articles about the English language
  • read mini English lessons and take part in activities and language exercises that will help you learn English
  • talk to other learners and teachers in the community, and ask and answer questions about English
  • contact us about our English language courses and English language ebooks
  • download our free ebooks
  • pay for and download our ebooks requiring payment
  • learn about, book and pay for our new English language courses when they are launched
  • access content via your PC or mobile device

I will post a message here when the new site is ready to launch and I hope you will join me there to use the new content as it is added, and to see and help it grow into a really useful resource for English language learners.

Image by KaCey97007

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